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  • To instil hope
  • always strive to High-quality health care
  • Committed to improving the quality of healthcare
  • To instil hope
  • always strive to High-quality health care
  • Committed to improving the quality of healthcare
  • always strive to High-quality health care
  • Committed to improving the quality of healthcare
  • To instil hope
  • Our services are good because we care about the quality
  • Committed to improving the quality of healthcare

Epidural and Postpartum Depression

22 / Aug / 2017

You likely know that having epidural anesthesia can help block the worst of your discomfort during labor and delivery of your baby. But can getting that pain relief improve your mental state after your baby’s born?


08 / Aug / 2017

Epilepsy is a condition characterized by recurrent seizures that may include repeated jerks of the arms and/or legs as well as loss of consciousness, in most cases, the progression of those symptoms, tend to be similar every time .

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

16 / Jul / 2017

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that affects people of all ages and walks of life, and occurs when a person gets caught in a cycle of obsessions and compulsions.

Ramadan Fasting .. Dispel the Fears of Heart Disease Patient

12 / Jun / 2017

Ramadan fasting represents a change and a break to the daily routine, which positively affects the heart and blood vessels, some heart disease patients are afraid of fasting during the holy month, where there is a common belief among the general public that heart disease is increasing during the month of Ramadan, although Western countries and America have confirmed through their studies and research the  benefits of fasting on the heart and overall health of the individual.

Preeclampsia raises risk of heart disease, heart failure

05 / Jun / 2017

Preeclampsia is a blood pressure disorder that can occur during pregnancy and often a significant amount of protein in the urine. A new study suggests mothers with preeclampsia may have an increased risk of developing heart disease later in life.

Interesting Facts about the Human Heart

04 / Jun / 2017

The heart is the engine of the human body that works to ensure the continuity of the work of other organs, the heart is a muscular pump that keeps the oxygen and blood circulating properly in the lungs and whole body, though weighing only 11 ounces on average, a healthy heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels each day, like any other engine, if we had not taken care of it, it will collapse, and it will pump less than necessary, and this is what's called heart failure.  Here are some other interesting facts about the human heart:

Myasthenia gravis

08 / May / 2017

Myasthenia gravis is an autonomic neuromuscular disorder characterized by weakness and rapid fatigue of any of the muscles.


Myasthenia gravis is caused by a breakdown in the normal communication between nerves and muscles.

Heart Age

08 / May / 2017

Is Your Heart Older Than You?

One way to understand your risk for a heart attack or stroke is to learn your "heart age." Heart age is the age of your heart and blood vessels as a result of your risk factors for heart attack and stroke.

“Belly fascination”

27 / Apr / 2017

“Belly fascination”


Belly fat boosts the risk of heart disease

How Love Affects Your Heart

27 / Apr / 2017

Having love in your life can benefit your cardiovascular health        

Stress and Heart Health

18 / Apr / 2017

The relationship between stress and heart health has been a major topic of research for a long time. Although the connection has not been concretely established, specific types of stress and reactions have been shown to contribute to heart disease

Woman Heart During Pregnancy

11 / Apr / 2017

A woman’s body produces 30 to 50 percent more blood during pregnancy. That can tax the heart and kidneys, and sometimes leave her short of breath. For most women, these changes do not cause lasting harm.

Lung cancer

11 / Apr / 2017

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the lungs. Your lungs are two spongy organs in your chest that take in oxygen when you inhale and release carbon dioxide when you exhale.

Pectus excavatum

05 / Apr / 2017


Pectus excavatum is a condition in which a person's breastbone is sunken into his or her chest. In severe cases, pectus excavatum can look as if the center of the chest has been scooped out, leaving a deep dent.



Smoking and heart-cardiovascular disease

05 / Apr / 2017

Smoking causes an accumulation of fatty substances in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, the main contributor to heart attacks and smoking-related deaths.  People with coronary heart disease are much more likely to have a heart attack.

Eating The TLC Way

05 / Apr / 2017

If your LDL cholesterol is above your goal level, you should start on the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) eating plan right away

Maternal Gestational Diabetes and neonate congenital cardiac Diseases

26 / Mar / 2017

Diseases spread significantly in our modern world as a result of our frequent exposure to Polluted environmental factors like toxins and gases which fill the atmosphere around us as well as Excessive intake of medications, whether prescribed by a doctor or not.



A Family Plan for Heart Health

21 / Mar / 2017

When it comes to heart health, what’s good for you is good for your whole family – including its youngest members. We now know that two-thirds of teenagers have at least one risk factor for health disease,  from overweight and “couch potato-itis” to unhealthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Even more disturbing, about 1 million U.S. teens have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that greatly increases the risk of a later heart attack.

Open Heart Surgery .. What's Next?

21 / Feb / 2017

Heart disease is the leading cause of death  globally,  and is among the most serious health problems facing human, heart diseases are  a group of  diseases affecting heart, arteries

Heart attack .. Causes and Treatment

15 / Jan / 2017

In the past, the absolute end of an heart attack was dead, but nowadays with all developments in the medical field, this theory has been changed and the infected with such disease could survive, 

Vision correction surgery “ Intralasik”

18 / Dec / 2016

Vision correction surgery Intralasik

Antenatal health and care

13 / Aug / 2014



21 / Dec / 2013



04 / Nov / 2013



30 / Oct / 2013

We carry an amazing number and variety of germs on our hands, some of which can cause diarrhea, colds and other, more serious diseases

More than half of the infections can be prevented by Good hand washing

18 / May / 2013

World Health Organization encourages patients and health care providers to participate in annual hand hygiene campaign.

Corona Virus

05 / May / 2013

Defined as acute respiratory virus disease and it affects various age groups

Do you suffer from the “Vitamin D “ deficiency

28 / Apr / 2013

NOW…you can have vitamin D test in our labs with the most accurate and fastest results



10 / Sep / 2012

The number of lives lost each year through suicide exceeds the number of deaths due to homicide and war combined , suicide attempts and suicidal ideation are far more common



02 / Sep / 2012

Enlargement of both breasts or one in male, sometimes causes may be hormonal



Some tips for people who have diabetes during Ramadan

17 / Jul / 2012

Always remember, That the level of blood sugar during fasting period should be between 100 to 200 mg / dl, so:-




23 / Nov / 2011

Allergy Many of these allergies, and their consequent symptoms, may interfere with day-to-day activities, lessen the quality of life, and generally bring us down

Proper nutrition for kidney dialysis patients

11 / Apr / 2011

Swine Flu

18 / Nov / 2009

What is the new influenza A(H1N1)?


Breast Cancer

18 / Apr / 2009

It has the second highest death rate, after lung cancer. Indeed, it is predicted that one in eight American women will have breast cancer diagnosed sometime during their lifetime!

Quit Smoking

15 / Apr / 2008

40% of heavy smokers die before retirement age compared with 15% of nonsmokers. Children whose parents smoke are more likely to develop glue ear, asthma and other breathing problems than children of nonsmoking parents.