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Award & Certificates

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Award & Certificates


01 / Jan / 2015

Recently the hospital was accredited by HACCP Food Safety by an independent third party. The Accreditation Audit was carried by international surveyors from a UK based authority named GIC Guardian Independent Certification.

HACCP is a comprehensive Food Safety program ensuring food safety from the supplier through storage, freezing, cooking and finally serving it to the end consumer.

Almoosa General Hospital received the JCI reaccreditation again

08 / Jul / 2014

Al moosahospital has announced that it has been accredited the certificate of the international health care quality standards for patient care and organization management by the joint commission international (JCI) for the second time within three years which is regarded as a commitment from al moosa hospital to apply the international quality standards for patient care and safety .


30 / Jun / 2014

ALMOOSA GENERAL HOSPITAL is the first private hospital in AlAhsa which has been accredited by CBAHI. Central Board Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) tested

ALMOOSA GENERAL HOSPITAL against 881 stringent quality standards which included review of policies, applied procedures and services that the hospital provided to patients covering both areas; administration and patient care.

The CBAHI surveyors made a field visit to all medical and administration departments in order to ensure that all of the standards were met. Finally, the CBAHI surveyors expressed great satisfaction with the hospital’s performance and rendered praise to the hospital administration and its quality of healthcare.

Almoosa Hospital receives an award of excellence from the Chamber of Commerce in Al.hasaa

30 / Jun / 2014

The hospital has won an award of excellence from the Chamber of Commerce in Alhasaa

A jury evaluated the hospital and it was authorized by the chairman and the members of the Board of Trustees Award; Mr.Abdulmuhsin bin AbdulAziz Aljaber, Dr.Ahmed Alshuabii.

The facilities and institutions were evaluated according to seven criteria, they are; the strategy of the facilities’ objectives, their background and knowledge of the market, the HR management, the facilities commitment to quality and creativity.

Almoosa General Hospital received the accreditation of JCIA in 2009, and then again in 2012. The hospital, also, received CBAHI accreditation for the first time in May 2013.

The executive director of the hospital Mr.Malek Almoosa received an award for best executive director in the province for the year 2011

Latest Announcements


24 / Mar / 2015


22 / Mar / 2015

Kerato conus

18 / Mar / 2015


16 / Mar / 2015

A. Lazy eye occurs when the vision sharpness varies between the two eyes and either eye is weaker or lazier than the other.
B. Children are afflicted with lazy eye in the following cases:

  • In cases of the variance of the sight length and shortness between the two eyes.
  • In cases of squint; scientifically known as strabismus.
  • Due to an organic reason such as cornea injury and the injury of either eye with cataract.
    C. Treatment :
  • Covering the unaffected eye; in order to stimulate the lazy eye, and in turn boosting its vision sharpness.


08 / Mar / 2015


23 / Feb / 2015


18 / Feb / 2015


09 / Feb / 2015

the winner

09 / Feb / 2015

almoosa hospital

08 / Feb / 2015


02 / Feb / 2015

Altra G

21 / Jan / 2015


18 / Jan / 2015

carboon laser

18 / Jan / 2015

Vaser Hi Def is a Scientific Revolution in The Refinement of The Body and Textures

08 / Jan / 2015

Renew your youth with plasma technology in Al Moosa Specialist Hospital

06 / Jan / 2015

Plasma technology-rich blood platelets (PRP) is a huge leap in the field of cosmetic and treatment of skin and hair problems and became capture the interest of many of the doctors in the world and the latest methods used in the cell renewal process. With age, the skin loses many of collagen responsible for the freshness and vitality of the skin The collagen is  a protein constitutes most of the second layer of the skin and this protein gives freshness and vitality of skin as it works on the cohesion and strength of the skin.


Cases involving the use of plasma injection (PRP):


1 - the freshness of the skin where the plasma injection works on the renovation and the production of collagen is responsible for the freshness and youth and give the skin glow better.


2 - easing facial wrinkles and surface hand, as well as lines expressive minute.


3 - cases of hair loss.


4 - alleviate dark circles around the eye.


5 - self-injected with fat as it gives  more coherent

Sculpt the Dream with Vectra 3D Device

01 / Jan / 2015

Recently, Almoosa Specialist Hospital has provided Vectra 3D device under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Jarrah in order to provide for the patient more confidence in the result and to provide a full image of his appearance after surgery.

The uses of this device is for nose plastic surgery, breast plastic surgery, face lift, and liposuction.

the latest technology to get rid of reading Eyey glasses

30 / Jun / 2014


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